Happy New Year…

I think that resolutions are silly.  So, I’m going to promise myself that I will do more of the things that I used to do.  Yeah “promise”.   Like:

I promise that I will exercise FIVE DAYS per week for ONE and a HALF hours a day.  Yep.

Also, I’m going to post pics, of my weight loss progress,  on this blog.  I’m embarrassed to post pics although it’s not as “bad” as I think.  Think Kim K’s body shape (Google her pics ‘after’ losing her baby weight)….well, that’s me right now.  I didn’t used to have all of those tits and ass but oh well.  I mean, she is very sexy and her body is amaze, but it’s not what I’m used to seeing when I look in the mirror.  I used to be a sized 0 and 2 (I’d like to be that again).  Anyway (lol), I got the Shaun T Insanity Workout DVD last week and I watched it.  It’s scary as hell!!  I decided that I wasn’t going to do any of that until I get my endurance levels up.  In other words, until I can run for 15 minutes straight without passing out (LOL).  I used to run so easily for almost 30 minutes at a time, but I’ve gotten so lazy…

Another thing that I “promise” to do in 2014 is:

Go on more dates (and I mean DATES).  I’m going to use the same model used in the book, How To Get A Date Worth Keeping.

I’m going to “up my numbers”.  Just go on dates like:  movie dates, coffee dates, dinner dates, walking in Downtown Chicago dates (sightseeing), museum dates, sports bar dates, DANCING dates, wine tasting, zoo dates, neighborhood festival dates, city dates…you know?  The more guys I go on simple fun dates with, the more I up my chances of meeting the right guy who is “ready” and “WANTING” ONE WOMAN.  How else will I meet a good guy if I don’t go through the bad ones?  Call it serial dating all you want (lol).  That is exactly what it is.  We have to go on a lot of dates before we are ready for that ONE.  At least, this is how I see it.  I will not be fucking them all…but Fun is what I’m after for 2014.

In 2010 and 2011, I was going on dates like nobody’s business.  As of 2013, I have not gone on ONE date, really.  I’ve had some communications with some potential prospects, but they were Booty Callers and I didn’t even go there (lol).  There was this guy from Iowa who I dated in 2011 (?).  However, he was ready (so he said) and I wasn’t (I was still hung up on this ‘Jay’ guy who called me the ‘N’ word hoping he’d snap out of it/lol).  Anyway Iowa guy and I went out (back in 2011), but he was totally checking out other girls while we were on our date.  I felt sad but I wasn’t mad at him.  It just made me want to look better (or date-able/lol) so that the next time I went out with someone, his eyes would totally be on me.  Anyway, I didn’t go out with Iowa guy again, but we kept in touch.  Nothing romantic ever formulated between us but I consider him to be a friend.  If anything, I hope to meet a new friend (and we turn out to be Lovers/lol).

Well…this is all I can think of for 2014.  I can’t promise anything else!!!

I think this is going to be my last post for 2013.  I went back to college in August this year and Spring semester begins January 15th.   I’ll be busy with keeping up with my 4.0 GPA.  I’ll be working, school, workout, fun and not in that order.  So, look for the pics that I will start posting soon.

Happy New Year to whoever finds my blog and I hope you reach every goal and find what you’re searching for whether it be Love, Peace, Money (lol), whatever…